Subsidy Funding | Activity Status: Closed

Improving Access to Sewerage and Water Supply Network in Nairobi’s Low-Income Communities


Almost two-thirds of Nairobi’s four million inhabitants live in informal settlements that experience sparse coverage by the piped water network. GPOBA is supporting a project that incentivizes and increases access to water and sewerage services in low-income communities by facilitating the participation of domestic micro-finance institutions in the urban utility services sector. The program enables low-income households to come together to borrow the money needed for the initial cost of installing a metered stand pipe within their residential compound. To date, a total of 4,920 sewer connections and 2,811 water connections have been completed and verified, benefiting over 42,000 poor people. An Additional grant of $2.6 million was signed in Aug 2017 to scale up and expand the reach of the project and bringing up the total funding to $6.9 Million.