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Zambia: Solid Waste Management


The  aim  of  this  rapid  study  is  to  present  the findings   and   framework   for   output-based aid/results-based financing (OBA/RBF) options in the municipal solid waste sector in Zambia. For maximum impact, the rapid study focuses on   Kabwe, as the  municipality presents a microcosm of issues faced across the country.

The  study  will  comprise  the  following  main activities: (i) a rapid assessment of  the municipal solid waste (MSW) current legal and regulatory framework, sector policy and financing to  propose reform recommendations for improving the solid waste management  system  in Zambia; (ii) an assessment of the current design and performance of municipal solid waste service in  Kabwe;  (iii)  an  initial  development  of  a customized  OBA/RBF  project  design   which takes  into  account  households  willingness to pay (WTP) and improves access and outcomes of MSW management in Kabwe municipality; and  (iv)  presentation to discuss the findings and the proposed MSW options in Kabwe.


The   rapid   assessment   study   identified   regulatory, technical  and  financial  challenges  that  constrain  the management    of    Kabwe’s    solid    waste    system. Particularly,  the  study  and  the  dialogue  with  the government  and  other  sector  stakeholders  noted  a lack of by-laws to enforce waste regulation including discarding,     sorting     at     source,     disposing     and administering fines. Among the technical challenges, capacity   of   Kabwe   Municipal   Council   and   waste haulers would need to be improved, including staffing, waste    collection    and    transportation    equipment (trucks and bins), etc. As to financing challenges, the fee   structure   needs   to   be   revised   to   allow   cost recovery,  and  an  efficient  fee  collection  mechanism has to be put in place. Lastly, a gap analysis needs to be  completed  to  allow  an  informed  decision  on  the applicability   of   an   RBF   operation   in   Kabwe.   This includes among others, an assessment of the capacity of private contractors, a market sounding and a survey on households willingness and ability to pay.