Dissemination | Activity Status: Closed

Global Results-Based Financing Approaches and Applications


Project activities are designed to update, expand, and disseminate knowledge on results-based financing (RBF) approaches and applications, which is relevant in fulfilling GPOBA's mandate as a Center of Expertise of RBF. These activities will be supported by GPOBA staff together with a specialist consultant(s), and will include: i) updating and expanding the existing RBF knowledge database of key RBF instruments and stakeholders for a more complete mapping of the RBF universe; and ii) developing an RBF typology/diagnostic tool, which will involve a comprehensive definition of key RBF instruments and identify in which sectors/circumstances a particular RBF instrument and/or combination of instruments works best. The activity includes funding for the development of dissemination materials and events as necessary to promote broader awareness of RBF methods, as well as to support clients, donors, and other development partners to identify and adopt appropriate RBF approaches for their programs.